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I wrote a post about the lesson I taught my daughter on the Letter M, which is telling her the fairy tale “Simeli Mountain”. After telling her the story and showing her the picture I drew, she did some work and these are part of her lesson book. She also retold the story, so we know she listened and engaged with the story.

All these pictures are taken by me, mostly my daughter’s work.

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My drawing on Simeli Mountain

This is the picture I drew for telling her the story "Simeli Mountain". It's just a simple drawing showing her the capital M and small m.

Practice of writing letter M

Summary of the story: Magic mountains move

This summary is written by me and copied by my daughter. This is how the kids learn to write, they start from simple summary copying.

She wrote the second word wrongly and she wasn't really happy with that. So I just simply drew the "magic" mountains there, and she's happy and continued to write.

Using play dough to make the letter M

Before actually writing down the letter M on the paper, it's good for the kids to use any other methods to write or make the letter, such as forming it using play dough, buttons or beans, writing on the sand with stick or finger, writing with chalk, writing on the air, etc. It helps the kids to connect better to the letter with more lively ways, instead of just write on the paper, so they will feel more engaged with the letter.

My kid’s drawing on Simeli Mountain

After listening to the story, my daughter drew this picture by copying mine.


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