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Alphabet Challenge J – Jacaranda

This is one of the most beautiful trees that starts the blooming season in February. It is one of the first colors we see after the winter. All the other trees follow the Jacaranda. I love the color of the flowers, they range from blue to purple.

Small bell like flowers in a bunches adorn this tree in early spring. The leaves are almost invisible at this time. The fern like leaves and the canopy like structure of this tree make it a lovely sight when the blooms fade away.

The seeds pods are circular like huge coins , almost like hard wood. They split open when they are dry. Then they look like oyster shells then.

I have been trying to make a bonsai of the jacaranda but without much success. They don’t seem to take well to root pruning. Maybe I am not doing it right, maybe this one has to be handled differently. I hope someday I will have a Jacaranda bonsai.

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    Do you have Jacaranda’s where you live?

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    Would you like to have one in your yard or street?

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Written by Dawn


    • These trees became a craze after the move what dreams may come, people used to ask about it in the gardening forums then. These trees have been a part of our springs for years.

  1. What a beautiful adorned and gorgeous tree almost like the lilac tree or bush but even better. Very pretty but I do o think it would grow here as we really have four seasons and winter is filled with snow. Still, the fact remains it is a very pretty flowering tree…