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All About Pansies

There are many varieties and colors of pansies to choose from. I like the purple and yellow. But a combination of colors can be so beautiful in the garden. Waiting on spring to plant more of these beauties.

The pansy may be treated as either an annual or a perennial, depending on your climate. However, most gardeners treat this plant as an annual because it prefers cool weather and gets too leggy in the heat of summer. There hasn’t been much success in producing heat-tolerant pansies that can adequately survive hot weather.

Pansies are surprisingly hearty in cold weather, though. They’ll survive a frost, bouncing back from even single digit temperatures. If the blooms wither in the cold, the plants will often stay alive to bloom again, which makes them a great flowering plant for fall and early winter color.

I have often wondered why they are called pansies, they are so tough they can be planted in the winter.

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