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After the Rain

This picture was taken after a night of steady rain. I lived on the  second floor and had very little sunny space to have a garden. I decide the kitchen would be my garden. Beyond the glass walls I got myself an iron grill built extending a feet away from my window. I had 12 feet by 1 feet of space for my garden and you won’t believe I had more than fifty plants , some hanging from the grill some on the grill and some in between.

I had my nice little coffee table near the window to have my freshly brewed coffee in the mornings as I took in the beauty and the freshness of these plants. I don’t know if you can see that asparagus fern there dripping with the nights rain, it was like a Christmas tree decorated by nature.

The bright contrast that the lovely ornamental grass provided was awesome.  The tender Ivy vine stretching and coiling its way all through the grills made my day. It never failed to lift my spirits. I have a much bigger garden now but I still remember the lovely times I had looking through my kitchen window just a few years ago.

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