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Aeonium Arboreum – Nature Tuesday Challenge

I love these succulents.  Aeonium arboreum’s grow  quite tall, up to two meter in height. Mine are in containers and I keep them short.  The young leaves in the center look like rosettes. I have them in two colors green and purple. They come in various variegated forms too. Like all succulents they hate being over watered and my purple one is not looking so great after the rains.

They grow from cuttings. I have tried rooting the leaves but as the leaves are too thin they either rot or dry up.

This is a spectacular plant when in bloom or not.  With branches pruned well they look  amazing.  They look stunning in a bonsai pot when styled like bonsai.

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Written by Dawn


  1. We had them in big pots when we had a garden, we call them “artichokes” (“we” as a family). Yes, they can grow pretty tall!
    I don’t remember seeing them blooming though. ?