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Adorable Succulents

Succulent come in every shape, color and size.  They are easy to care for and can handle neglect. All they ask for is a few hours of sun. They grow tall and straggly if they receive insufficient sunlight. A sunny window is all they need to grow.

The general thinking that succulents need direct sunlight and hot weather is not really right. When exposed to very hot conditions they tend to develop sun burn spots on their leaves.  They tend to shrivel up though they don’t die.

Watering once a week or in very hot weather twice a week should be enough. Not only are these plants stunners, they are also easy to care for and hard to kill. The only way you could kill these plants is with too much love and kindness. Over watering and over feeding kills these plants, so go easy on them.

The color and textures they offer to your garden is incredible. The amazing thing about these plants is that most of them don’t need depth of soil. You could grow them in tiny containers. I have some of mine in one inch containers. They could be grown as indoor plants too if you get enough sunlight inside your home. You really don’t need any extra space to grow these plants.

Some of these succulents also have pretty but tiny blooms.  These plants are easy to propagate and share with your friends. Most of them grow from a single leaf.

They can be made into wreaths and bouquets . It’s trendy for a bride to carry succulent bouquet on her wedding day. Christmas or Easter wreaths are also quite popular. They make wonderful container displays too.

I enjoy my succulent collection and often give them away as gifts in fancy containers.

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