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Accidental meeting

I’m happy when the adventure wind blows. When the day starts and you don’t know how it will end. Even if your plans are completely gray, you suddenly find an interesting person who fills your heart with colorful feelings.

That’s, one day I met a woman at a Zumba workout. The elegant lady over sixty. She was sporting wearing a pearl necklace. I said a compliment and she smiled sadly – it’s a gift from her dead husband, and she never separated with this necklace.

Later, drinking coffee, she told a wonderful love story. Oh, I listened, and the shiver went through my skin – that I live here and now and there are so many wonderfully interesting people around!

And people are true. But those nice reflections we post here come and disappear. So, do they are just a mirage or they are true? 

© Fortune, 2009

  • Do reflections are true or it’s just a mirage?

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  1. Lovely reflections here, and in life to me they can be real or illusion…
    I use the reflection of a shop window to guide my car in parking by the road, so reflections can be very useful