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ABout Momo Challenge – Educate, don’t avoid!

Well, after reading a post here on Virily about the Momo Challenge, I’ve done some research online about it. There is this Malaysian Youtuber who is rather enraged by the whole Momo Challenge because it has taken at least 3 young lives.

And from his videos, he mentioned a few things he found out about the Challenge. I’ll be translating them here for you.

1) Momo Challenge or “Momo” can interrupt your videos – say you’re watching a Cartoon on Youtube, Momo can sudden “pop” on screen (either singing a threatening song or calling you)… this is not some supernatural phenomenon, but because the creators of Momo Challenge have hacked into some of the popular Youtube Channels/Videos and even games and apps!

2) Momo appears to know a lot about you – where you live, where you study or even your contacts. But that is because there are ways technology could do that! They could simply draws such information from your social media (or even you friends’)… if you ever download Momo’s photo as she requested, then your device could be hacked!

3) Do not respond to Momo at all! Just block and delete her! Don’t believe her threats no matter what she says…

4) Do not avoid talking about Momo just because its bad, educate the children so that they don’t fall for its tricks!

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    Do you think Children will believe and follow what Momo says?

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  1. I don’t get why they created such a creepy unsettling character to lure children into following rules that lead to suicide (I guess it’s like the blue whale challenge).
    It’s scary, therefore unproductive. Well, fortunately it is.
    Thankfully, very few kids met the real monster and fell for it, I think it was mostly teens and adults trying to contact this thing and make fun of it. 🙂

  2. I seen this last week and just had to look up videos on how she appears and them. I think it’s sickening that someone would put out things like this, but I also think that it could be a learning experience to test your children out based off of parenting.

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