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A mango a day keeps more than the doctor at bay

The fact that some mango trees are known to bear fruit past the age of 300 years, should tell us something about the mango as a healthy fruit.The mango is a sweet tasting, fleshy fruit cultivated mainly in India but also the Caribbean, Australia and China and Mexico. In North American we can usually find the best mangoes on our grocery shelves during the summer months. I purchase them by the case and enjoy at least one mango a day.

Mangoes are so tasty and enjoyable that we often forget that they also good for us. The mango is sometimes classified as a super fruit due its proven health benefits. While it is nice to know that mangoes are good for your health they also taste delicious.

Both the mango fruit and peel contains vitamins and antioxidants, even though I normally only eat the fruit, but as close to the skin as I could possibly get. Eating a mango will give you a healthy dose of vitamins A, B6 and C as well as numerous carotenoids, provitimin A and polyphenols. The mango also contains nutrients such as copper,amino acids and potassium.

All the nutrients found in mangoes translate to good health and disease prevention. For anyone who saw the Seinfeld mango episode would have heard about what the mango did for George who said he felt like he had a B12 shot after eating it.


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  1. One of my absolutely favouritest fruits! The best mangoes I ever tasted were sold by the side of the road in West Africa. I usually eat by slicing in half, removing the stone, then going at the flesh with a spoon. But of course I finish off by sucking the bejaysus out of the inner skin and the stone 🙂
    Sadly, it can be a problem getting them ripe here in Ireland. They are usually sold underripe and sometimes don’t ripen up properly.
    A friend in Israel sent me several of these: which are rolled up dried mango flesh, 100% pure without additives. The flavour is unbelievably intense 😀

    • I am so glad we get them here in Canada even though only for a short time during the summer months. I grew up having different types of mangoes each with its own flavors. We don’t get much of a variety here but I make do. I eat mine pretty much the way you do – never with a a spoon though – it is all hands and mouth and yes I take everything out of the skins and off the seeds.

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