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Mango ice cream

The mango season is round the corner  Our trees are almost ready for harvesting.  We are just waiting for signs and the sign is when birds start pecking at fruits and drop them.  That has not yet happened. 

I have my own way of making ice cream. I use the pulp from well-ripened fibreless mangoes  We have the Benette Alphonso that are just right. I use milk powder that is dissolved in water and heat it up and cool it  Add sugar to taste, add two scoops of butter.  Put the stuff in the blender,. beat well  and then freeze in the refrigerator.  Repeat the blending and freezing stuff thrice.  

Ice cream is ready. 


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  1. I didn’t make homemade ice cream. I do not love him. I almost don’t eat ice cream. I learned something very interesting in this post. The sign is when the birds start sprouting fruits and release them. This means that the Japanese medlar in Diana’s garden is ready. Thanks.


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