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A good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, starting with a good diet upon waking helps us have a more energetic day. But we all know that time is not always in our favor, as many of us have a lot to do early in the morning, and sometimes sleep and laziness speak louder at waking time.

Here are some tips for a fast and nutritious breakfast:

1 – It should be a balanced and complete meal corresponding to about 20/25% of the energy consumed throughout the day and should include slow absorbing carbohydrates (eg. whole grains), protein and fiber.

2 – You should carefully choose what to eat in this meal, as your choices will positively influence your whole day.

3 – Most of us believe that preparing a healthy breakfast takes a long time, but it is possible to have a rich and nutritious meal early in the morning and very practical to prepare. For example, to a natural yogurt you can add some oatmeal and a piece of fruit, (this is something that I do quite often).

The picture is mine, of my breakfast, oatmeal with seeds raw chocolate and kiwi

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