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A family that eats together…………..

Those were the days when dining tables used to have a lot of importance and used to be as large as that used by Jesus and his Apostles. We had that sized table as we were a huge number. There was a ritual to say prayers and all of us sat together for the night meal as father went to work and was only available for the night meal. Every one talked about how their day went. 

These days it is a different story.  Not only is the family small each one has a different time to eat and for that matter a different place to sit for the meal.  Some sit in front of the tv, some in their bed room, and some in front of the pc. 

That scene that is seen in the photo is rare which at best is seen during Thanksgiving or when there are house guests 

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  1. The three members of our family sit at a table to eat in the evening, but it is nothing like the formality that these pictures suggest. For one thing, we often eat different things, due to my son not eating vegetables and me not eating meat – my wife has far fewer fads than either of us!

    • Those pictures that you see used to be common scenes in the good old days. In your case you still eat together. It does not matter what each one eats.

      • I note an interesting contrast between the two photos on display here. In the top one, Dad is at the head of the table while Mum and Gran push the bowls of food around. In the second picture Dad is on his feet offering a bowl of food to his family. I wonder which scene is more typical?

  2. When I was young it was a rule that we all sat round the table together but over time this has changed because as you say people eat at different times. At Christmas I visit my sister and her son and we all sit around the table then which is very enjoyable.

  3. it’s a habit when I was a kid, it turned out different when I got married, they seldom practice this, but I make sure that me, my hubby and the kids make sure that we eat together, I don’t mind them if they don’t heheheh