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A bowl of Flowers – Pastel Shades

I created a bowl of pastel shades yesterday. I kind of get all excited when I try new things, no matter how silly or pretty they are.

A few flowers of different colors shapes and sizes  were arranged in a bowl of water. I added some leaves to reduce the monotony and give the composition some brightness .

I hope you like what I put together for you. This is for everyone on Virily 🙂

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Written by Dawn

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  1. Congratulations Dawn. You managed to take a beautiful photo in pastel colors at home. For picture number one I will tell you that it is like a wonderful contemporary painting. I’ll give you some advice. Redesign it with darker colors and you’ll see

  2. Oh wow, DAWN! This is stunning. You are so creative and to have all those lovely blooms to choose from. That last photo is perfect. Very well done, from the idea, to arranging them to the photographs. Wonderful!

  3. Someone voted you comment down, how mean is that.
    I think flowers always look brighter with the green contrast, after the first few pictures I added the tiny flowers and leaves and thought that it looked better.

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