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365 Day Photo Challenge day 319

During the work week, dogs are normally fed by 5 am. This, picture today of a sad weekend Raven. Yes, her people will be home all weekend. No, they didn’t get up on her schedule. So, she is starving. Labs have the amazing ability to use their eyes as weapons of mass destruction. Or more correctly weapons of mass begging. IT means that while she is down with her people being home, the extra hour or more that they sleep in on the weekends is very disturbing to her. She is barely able to survive until the food person comes down the stairs. Wasting away, starving Laborador. It is truly very sad. If she didn’t do this during the week as well I would buy it. I’ve been around labs for more than 16 years now. I understand the crap that labs produce. They are always starving.

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  • Does Raven look like a starving dog?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Poor Raven, don’t you look starving and on your last leg. You little actress. Come on Raven, cheer up, breakfast will be ready soon. You would have gotten along with my Tasha who had a habit of begging with her eyes and her head cocking on one side to the other for her treats (chicken strips).


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