These might surprise you, but they are none the less true:

1. Our decisions are far more rational when thought in another language. 

2. The more money we spend on others, the happier we feel. 

3. 90% of people write things to others that they couldn’t say in person.

4. Smart people tend to underestimate themselves.

5.  Being in Love has nothing to do with our hearts and is only a chemical reaction in the brain.

6.  The longer you keep your feelings hidden from someone, the harder you will fall for that person.

7. When you remember a past event, your recall starts at the last time when you remembered it. 

8. Comedians and funny peoples are actually more depressed than most others. 

9. When you are single all, you see are cheerful couples, when you are not you find happy singles. 

10. When a person dies, they have 7 minutes of brain activity left in which they see a dreamlike sequence of their memories. 

11. Adept liars are far better at detecting the lies of others.

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  1. as a student in school, i was very bad. When I got my teaching certificate three schools asked me to work there. I asked why? They said because you always bent the rules, you will be great at applying them!

    It is a great list pal! I really like the memory bit, that we start each memory where we last remembered it,

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