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Could Stress Be Causing Your Insomnia?

You have a stress-filled job or career, could there be a connection between your stress and insomnia?

The short answer would be yes. Stress is in no way, behind all forms of insomnia but scientists have determined recently, that people who are under excessive stress in many cases, also experience insomnia. On the subject of insomnia which is caused by excessive stress, alleviating the stress also tended to reduce the severity or occurrence of insomnia entirely.

So,  why does stress cause insomnia in many cases? Because the symptoms of stress make it difficult to relax sufficiently to allow natural sleep to set in. So when the quality of your sleep is diminished it allows a condition brought about by stress to push it into a state of hyperarousal which upsets the balance between sleep and wakefulness.

So while not all people under stress have insomnia as well how can you tell if your insomnia is the result of stress?

Okay, so with any physical symptom, an important question to  ask yourself, is “when did insomnia start?” Does the sleep problem come and go with the occurrence and disappearance of stress or does it persist throughout your life?

What I’m asking, is, is it situational? It would also be helpful to actually clarify what you mean by stress. Are you frequently anxious for example whether or not you are under high stress or not? Do you find it hard to “unwind” at the end of your day? Are you frequently infuriated? or do you feel depressed? If you are feeling blue for much of the time, your problem could be a mood disorder like depression,] rather than a problem with stress.

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