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"Nice Work Teacher"

They Were Told, They Would Never Make The Grade Because Of Questionable Judgment! 

Starting way back in 1919, “Mister Imagination” Walt Disney was fired from his first job at the Kansas City Star newspaper because, according to his editor, he “lacked imagination and did not have any good ideas. What about Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock”, well, he failed only one class in high school, music! 

Then there is this person, widely considered, the greatest in his game, yes Michael Jordan, no less,  is who I’m talking about and about whom, most consider, the greatest basketball player ever, yep, he was left off the varsity high school basketball team in North Carolina. And finally, there is this kid whose teacher had told him, that he was mentally slow, unsociable, and would drift, lifelong inside of his foolish dreams. “today, they consider Einstein to be one of the smartest people to have ever walked on this planet. But, hey, teachers know best.

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    • Sure, Carol, no job is easy. But I should not signup as a cabinet-maker if I don’t know the difference between a mallet and a hammer, or do seven years at medical-school if the sight of blood makes me swoon, right?

  1. you are applying examples of people that were motivated by excellence despite their situation and pulling one part of the world they were in to say it was teachers that caused the problem.

    First, they all succeeded.
    second, what you are talking about is the role of parents, teachers, society, communities, and family, not just teachers.

    i always tell people to spend a year as a 2nd-grade teacher. It is a different world than people imagine.

    • You are preaching to a “well-repected choir member”, metaphorically speaking Doc, however, your comment notwithstanding, I taught, Industrial safety procedures to hundreds of apprentices for 15 years until I was promoted to HR management, my Safety- instructor replacement guy may as well have been a “Butcher of Belsen understudy” P.S., There were several dozen more examples. You needn’t have jumped to their defense, I am a reasonable example of how a teacher ought to be as none of my students had ever failed, you naturally only have my word it. My motto, “Don’t give me A grade students, give me students that want to pass, and I’ll do the rest.”

      • i do have to jump to the defense of teachers. We throw the ills of society at their door, we lambast them for failure, we deride them. But the failures are at the feet of society not teachers.

        Without a teacher, Michael Jordan would have never learned to shoot a jumper. I saw MJ in 1984 when he tried out for the Olympic team, his jumper changed in the two years after that, because someone taught him a better way.

        I do thank you for teaching and helping those who learned from you!

  2. Teachers can be very cruel and not sure if they realize how they can feel a person feel so terrible about themselves. They need to teach kids to be able to do what they want in life and not make them feel bad.

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