What is easy-to-do, but rarely done, that would make someone's day great?

I once had a summer holiday job as a kid at a retail store serving as a shop clerk. I needed cash and had nothing to do, so I went to the local shop and got a part-time job there. Going in I was extremely nervous. One of my biggest fears was how I would deal with aggressive customers? Or what I would do if something breaks? Or what I would do if a customer asks me for help and I didn’t know the answer?

 Surprisingly, however, once I started I realized that those fears were quite irrational. I didn’t have to deal with any of those things nearly as much as I had thought I would. What I did have to deal with a lot, was with, shopping items! Shopping items, not placed in the right place. Shopping items placed everywhere except where they belong. 

I cannot easily explain just how irritating it was to find dog food in the snack section. When a customer is strolling down the aisles then decides they don’t need an item in their cart, they just decide to dump it in the nearest shelf. Even I have been guilty of this in the past. But this really does make a shop clerk’s life more difficult. 

It’s a real pain when you’re restocking the bread and you find a packet of tampons. “Interesting…” Or when you’re taking stock and the numbers don’t add up because half the items in the store aren’t in their places. Seriously, my best days were the ones where I didn’t have to hike across the entire store, to return the mayonnaise I found in the deodorant section.

 Ask any clerk what their worst problem is, it would be, without fail, finding stock in the wrong places, kindly, put it back where you found it. It takes a minute of your time and can save hours of someone else’s. This practice also prevents other customers from having to search for stuff.

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  1. Oops. Guilty! I have done this, and have seen this. I have even seen meat in the bread section. Icecream in the pet section etc. I would never do that, but the tampons in the bread,,perhaps.. You should of seen our local Walmart a month ago. It looked liked the Apocalypse movies.. Good article and we all need to be more respectful.

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