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Wat Phra Yai Temple – Big Buddha Statue in Pattaya

The statue of the Big Golden Buddha in Pattaya is clearly visible, gorgeous and full of color. Around this building are a temple and secular buildings, which cause genuine interest of tourists from around the world. It is in all guidebooks and all taxi drivers know how to get there.

At first, we see the parking of buses, there are always a lot of people, especially “in the high season”; literally two steps away, the locals suggest buying and letting go of the Thai sparrows. Thai believe that giving freedom to a living being, you purify your karma. This means – in the next life you will suffer less.

Next – a little gazebo and a small temple in the distance. Before entering, you need to take off your shoes, because according to Thai beliefs, your feet are the “dirtiest” and not respected part of the body.Another thing – the head, here is a respectful attitude towards it.

For the monastery you can leave a small donation, you can buy special kits for monks, statues, souvenirs. Here you can tie a red thread-charm and make a wish.

Then we go to the bells, knocking at them at random – it is believed that then the prayers will be heard and the dreams will be fulfilled sooner. Also, the sound of the bells is unpleasant to the evil spirit.

120 steps – and you are on a hill.

In addition to the fifteen-meter statue of Buddha, which looks at the city, there is a statue of Hottea and also statues of Buddha, which symbolize the days of the week. The choice of professions and the color that is recommended to wear is depending on the day of the week 

Those who were born on Sunday (from this day counts a new week) – pink and gold, unfavorable – blue color. 

For those born on Monday, yellow, black and purple are recommended, and orange is better to be discarded. And so on. I will not start listing here all this nonsense. I simply don’t believe in that. 

A small minus is very hot in the afternoon, the sun is burning. Big Buddha Hill is a very interesting and colorful place! There are active temples with real monks. These guys are smartly selling jewelry and traditional utensils.

Having penetrated the spirit of Buddhism and the order of the charter, we return back past the lush blooming greenery, Pots with aquatic plants and weary traders in monastic robes.There is a viewing platform just nearby, 15 minutes in walk; I also recommend visiting and enjoying the beautiful views of the city.


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