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The pictures today are some fun images shared in the past. Today’s funny story to continue my new Wadner funny project is another example of not always charging ahead. When we lived in Ohio, our apartment and then our first house did not have garages. So the card was parked outside. When the snow came, and the snow came, I would go out with a snow shovel and clear a path to the cars, start the cars and then clean the snow off the cards.  That was my first thing in the morning job during the workweek, and sometime before noon on the weekends during the winter. When we moved from Western Hills to Mount Airy, we had a driveway, but I still shoveled the snow by hand.

It was when we moved to Indiana, and we got a much larger driveway. So I decided to get a snowblower. I had never used a snowblower before, so I was excited.  What took me 2 hours or more, was now going to be done in 10, 15 minutes. The first snowblower I got was electric and came in a large box. When I opened the box I had visions of Christmas morning. The box arrived about three days before I was going to be home, and four days before the big rumored snowstorm was coming.  I got home from a trip, and I was exhausted but since it was supposed to snow the next day I stayed up and put my new snowblower together. The mess I made in the living room got me in trouble.

The next day, there was no snow.

Well, there was but not until the overnight hours. So I could have waited.

I awoke Sunday morning excited to try my new snow moving monster.

There, was a solid 6 inches on the driveway.

I got the electric cord out, opened the garage doors, and prepared to blow snow around the neighborhood!


When I engaged the snowblower, I realized I had forgotten to remove one thing.

The piece of Styrofoam that allowed the snow to go out the directional pipe where I was pointing it.

Instead, the snow blew straight backward.

The snow was blowing right on the operator, with enough force to make the operator step back.

Oh yeah, and it got snow all over the garage.

No one saw this, so I figured I was safe.

My wife, when the driveway was clear needed to run to the store to get supplies!

She took one look at the snow all over the garage and said “what did you do?”the snow-

nutcracker is my daughters, Big mouth Billy Bass is a great singer!

Manual Royal Typewriter!

Twin and dog

part of my hat collection

more of my hat collection

my wife was the project manager for this project for Valvoline. 100 years of Racing!

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  1. I live not far from the main road, which is very regularly and well paid by the farmer on duty, so I have very little snow to dump … the last 2 winters I have never dumped it … it just wasn’t that much

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