Wander project Why Family History and some pictures of the Bay 2016

I have thought long and hard about the question of the photos I share. Two people, I respect very much have weighed in on the share only the best picture side. Two people, I respect very much weighed in on the leave things as they are side. I was and remain torn as I respect all of the people that commented or have commented on this topic in the past. I have decided, for now, to continue the family history project with the original rules and not change to only posting the best picture.

Four years ago in June, my father passed away. That event led to our entire family heading to Indiana in July to help my mother sell the house she and dad had lived in for 20 years.  In that process, my mother gave me my grandfathers slides, as well as my father’s slides. As I went through the slides saved but not viewed in many years, I realized there were thousands of pictures in the collection that had never been seen. We, by we it was mostly my superstar children, scanned 35000 slides, we also scanned another 40,000 pictures. My mother, coming to visit us in Maryland brought an entire suitcase full of family pictures to be scanned.

With more than 150,000 images in the family history project, I realized that perhaps as many as 2/3’s had never been seen by someone other than myself, or my grandfather or my father. The family history project and later the wander project was born from that. I will be (again, for now, I may start sharing only the best images later) continue to share all the pictures in sequence as taken by the various photographers that are part of the family history project.

Today’s pictures are from our hotel in Copenhagen, the summer of 2016! I love Copenhagen, it is one of my all-time favorite cities! The last four pictures are of the badges I’ve collected over the years, and heading out to the Bay on Lab’s Lair!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. These are awesome photos! I understand the idea of this project and it seems very personal and important for you, so thank you for sharing these precious memories with us!

  2. I believe that Denmark is a beautiful country, as well as its capital, Copenhagen.
    If you were Viking’s descendents, it would be nice to write something about them. I like to read about their travels.