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Wander project where my pen's have been!

When I first started in my professional career, people used to give pens. Pens were a connection but always a reward. I also got a pen holder as a teacher, and it is the one in the picture (Teachers have class). It isn’t that I had the pen holder and then needed to go out and fill it. I did, however, collect pens from various customers over the years. I also received nicer pens at various speaking events over the years. It was something we used to do, that isn’t done as much now.  It is very much like a business card. We used to hand those out a lot more than we do now. Now it is much easier to include our contact information in our email and virtual card rather than the physical card.

The other pictures are of various things I have collected over the years. I love yo-yo’s we used to use them to move the wire in false ceilings. But long before that, I used to love them. When I was in 4th grade, the Duncan Yo-yo super yo-your came to our school. He showed us a bunch of tricks, and I was hooked! Up on stage was this person walking the dog, and rocking the baby in the cradle. We, my friends, and I, went crazy and every day at recess, you could find us at the top of the parking lot hill learning and practicing Yo-Yo tricks. The School’s playground was sloped, starting by the gym and going downhill to the basketball goals at the bottom of the hill.

Yo-Yos were better at the top of the hill only because the football, basketball, and frisbee players took up the flatter sections of the fields! So we yo-yoed at the top of the mountain. The last collection is Chicago Bears memorabilia and a screenshot taken from my home seismograph. There are many things I love to do and many things I have done. Being a geek, I have to have something that reminds me and let me measure the world around me! I guess today’s wander is my office. The pens have traveled with me from Bloomington Indiana (where I got the holder and the first pen) to Cincinnati Ohio (where I added two more pens) to Greenwood Indiana (and another pen) and finally Maryland (where I said the last pen)!

The pens above my desk

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i love yo-yos


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  1. Since I started writing and I also make a lot of notes and jot things down I must have pens and pencils all around me. That way I don’t get anxious when a pen runs out of ink. I had a yo-yo but never learned to do anything with it.


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