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Today back to pictures I took, but just for a day. These are of the Saturday/Sunday snow that we had in the DC area. The fun thing was watching the time-lapse weather camera (Bloomsky) as it was covered by snow! The labs were out in the backyard running around like the crazy dogs they are. They both love snow more than anything. Yesterday in the afternoon we wandered off on the Labs daily walk. They were in heaven; there was snow everywhere. How do you know a lab is excited? They don’t walk they bound. It’s funny to watch the two of them as they frolic in the snow. They are very different dogs most of the time. But they both react to snow pretty the same way. Neither is a young do anymore, but they are in the snow!

The Twins went out to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. I won’t say they were happy about it. Not quite enough snow to get out the snow blower. So they got out the shovels and moved the snow by hand. We ended up going out early on Sunday relatively speaking. Normally on the weekends, we head out around 3:30. We ended up heading out a little before 3 pm. I was concerned that most of the sidewalks in our neighborhood wouldn’t be cleared, but they were. We had to slog through snow for a bit, but not as much or as bad as we’ve seen in the past. In the great blizzard of 2016, we had more than 36 inches of snow to deal with, the walk was tough.

This snow will take a huge hit today as it gets well above freezing. I will also go out and knock the snow off the Bloomsky. Still, if you want to see what a camera covered in snow sees, the link above is to my Yesterday’s Snarky Weather forecast. It is always provided the day after yesterday but I’ve been doing the broadcast for more than three years, and it has never been wrong about yesterday’s weather. The pictures shared today are before the snow shoveling, either by the twins or by the county. The plow came through our area around 11 am. The two main roads were pretty clear by the 3 pm walk. No real snow on the roads, the only bad parts of the sidewalk were the areas in front of people’s houses.



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