Wander project Weather of Old!

Lot’s of old weather pictures today from my store of pictures taken. One of the things I do or try to do every single day is sharing a time-lapse video of yesterday’s weather from my Bloomsky. It is goofy I know, but it is the partial basis of my YouTube channel. I call it Yesterday’s Snarky Weather forecast brought to you today. I am bringing it up more because yesterday was one of those special summer days you have to watch over and over again. As in all winter long! Reminding you of what a nice summer day is like.

Now, back in the day, when I was a  child, I would dislike yesterday. It was cool enough that you couldn’t go swimming. My fondest childhood memories are sledding down the hill at my grandparent’s house in Wisconsin and Swimming in the lake that was the end of their front yard. Those were the glorious days of summer. Now, as an older walker, I much prefer the days that well aren’t sweltering.

I suspect most of us have those memories that we later look back upon fondly. Swimming in Lake Ripley in the summer is one of those for me. A happy memory of things that were. I still love the water; I just don’t swim in it as much. Now I like to cut across the top of it! If you would like, share with me and the rest of the Virily crowd, that summer moment that moves you in the comments. Something that you relished as a child, and you now as an adult watch but no longer do.


What do you think?


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