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Inside of every collage, there is something the person wanted to share initially. The first collage today is a compilation of pictures from Milan Itlay. The second is from Chicago, Illinois. The twins were bored/frustrated with the adult activity going on, so I took them to walk on the beach of Lake Michigan for a bit. It, the beach was a southside beach. The northside beach in Chicago is called the Gold Coast. This beach was further south, a neighborhood swimming area. It was too cold for us to go swimming, but we did walk around the beach area. We walked around for about two hours while the adults (and my daughter) were in the event. It is not fair to make younger kids sit in a stuffy building for a long time.

Downtown Chicago is a place I love. I was born in Chicago, Illinois. Well on the northside of the city but still I was born there. But second, because it represents a time in my life. I lived in Chicago until I was around five years old (give or take) and then worked in Downtown Chicago for about four years. During both of those stints, I grew to love the city more and more. I had and have many friends in Chicago. One of my sisters lives near Chicago now. When I was first starting as a teacher, I interviewed for a job in Cary, Illinois (North of Chicago), and almost moved there. I decided to take a position in Bloomington overall instead. But for a time, I was seriously thinking about moving to Cary, Illinois. I also consider Colorado.

I spent a lot of time in Chicago over the years. I have had the opportunity to visit the zoo (Lincoln Park), the stadium (Soldier Field), the only baseball stadium in the city (Wrigley), and the United Center. I can tell you at 3 pm or 5 pm how long it takes you to get out of the city and make it out to the Burbs. I know how long it should take from toll booth to toll booth. I can also tell you how early to arrive at O’Hare International Airport if you have a 9 am meeting in Downtown. I can also tell you, well I could at one time, which restaurant in O’Hare had a good breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have spent many hours on delays in that airport waiting for the skies to clear so we could again fly!

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