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In the pictures that my father left I can still see through my father’s eyes. The pictures shared today more of his Wildflowers collection. My favorite memory of my dad outdoors comes from a family trip to Colorado. It was my dad’s dream vacation, staying in a cabin and lots of hiking. We were on the edge of Estes Park that is in the mountains above Denver. Denver is called the Mile high city, so you can imagine how high the mountains that tower over Denver are. Not, having been to the Himalayas and the Andes anything like two mountain ranges. But in North America, they are the highest mountains. Stretching from Canada all the way through the US they are the purple mountains majesty.

I was going to try my hand at fly fishing that vacation. I wasn’t very good, but it did get me out of at least one forced march (I mean hike). The hikes were in the woods and always in search of something. Be a lake with perfectly blue crystal water. Crystal water is different than the water you have in most ponds. At least different than the brown water you can’t see into in most Indiana Ponds. Or the somewhat almost not quite water of Ohio. The Ohio River they say is to thick to Navigate, to thin to cultivate. It is, as far as I know, brown year round as is the Chesapeake Bay by the by. But these lakes you look into and see what was on the bottom. The water was clear.

It sparkled in the pictures — each one, each hike further and further away from our cabin. The forced marches were dad’s vacation. We did get to see Mule Deer and Moose. I got to try my hand at fly fishing. I did manage to hook one trout but wasn’t able to reel it in. I was learning the reality of fly fishing.  There are, and I will share some, many pictures from that vacation. It was a slice of life with my father. I realized two years ago when we went to Europe that I was my father’s son. The twins said “we don’t want to go to x in Amsterdam.” I asked why is that? They said going to any place is just an excuse for you and mom to make us walk more. 23,000 steps vritually every day we were in Europe!


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