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wander project the wadding (and the petting zoo)


(The journey that ended up at the “wadding” last Sunday began 26 years ago. The family was able to come and be with us, and that was even better. There were a couple of people missing (my aunt in Texas, and my Uncle in Wisconsin) couldn’t make it. There were a few folks that are no longer with us that couldn’t be with us either (my wife’s parents, and grandparents, my father and my grandparents) but they were there in spirit I am sure. The pictures that I am sharing today of the petting zoo. The Ceremony was in the Hay Mow, after the Ceremony we did pictures. Some of them right at the Hay Mow, next to the stone wall. The rest of the pictures were done in front of the tractor barn.

(wadding instead of wedding comes from the Steve Martin movie “father of the bride.”)

Finally, we wandered down to the petting zoo. The choice of locations was so that we could wander the petting zoo. My daughter and my son-in-law love animals. That came through I suspect in seeing their dogs, plus the family dogs in the wedding service and pictures. They love animals, and my daughter currently works in a veterinary clinic. She is heading down the path of someday managing a Vet clinic. At least that is her goal today. My son-in-law walked into our house and the hardest dog in our family, Tamsyn loved him right away. The second hardest dog, who is most likely to be aloof towards you until he trusts you are my dog. Dylan liked my son-in-law almost right away.

They are great kids. I’ve talked about the service and the pictures (a little). I wanted to end today with I am proud of both of them. I remember the struggles that my wife and I had.  I know that they will have struggles as well. It is not easy to be married. More than ½ of marriages in the US end in less than five years. It can be a very scary thing overall. But, I am proud of them for starting this journey.  I am not even bringing up grandchildren (yet). I am happy with grand puppies for now. I love the pictures of the two of them in the petting zoo. It was a great addition, after the ceremony, after the pictures, and before the reception. The guests all mentioned that the petting zoo was awesome!


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