Wander project the upside down world of scenic folder 2

The rules I set for the sharing of pictures was to share them as they are. Not to edit or change them in any way. The reason for that is really that my father and his father didn’t share the pictures they had. Many of the pictures are quite beautiful but have never been seen by another human being. The other side of the family history project was the twins. They scanned 80% or more of the pictures. They, the two of them, would start each morning by feeding the dogs and scanning 20 pictures. Then off to school. Upon arriving home from school, they scanned again. The other reason I don’t modify the pictures is to honor that effort as well. Fist the effort to create the picture in the first place by my father and grandfather. Second the effort to scan them, every day for nearly 14 months by the Twins.

Today we get a few upsides down pictures from the Scenic #2 folder. You can imagine a cold winter morning, having to get out of bed to feed your dog and then, stumbling to the room where the scanner was set up to scan pictures and slides. My father and his father loved Wisconsin. They took many pictures of the scenery of the state. These pictures are of the landscape and world of Wisconsin, as seen through my father’s eyes. I honor the initial creation by not flipping the pictures. I’ve posted the why of not editing pictures several times. I have had several comments (why don’t you flip the pictures. Why don’t you edit the pictures and so on.)

I guess it made me realize that sometimes people don’t read posts. Instead, they are rushing to the comments. They don’t care what you put in the body; they are here to collect their points and move on. It is why this last section is here as a test. I am not the only writer that wonders if people read the last lines of their posts or even the first lines. I don’t edit pictures that I didn’t take. It is to honor as I said above my children that scanned the pictures throughout 14 months. It is to honor both the vision and the memory of my father and my grandfather.  My apologies for the snarky ending, I guess when it comes to sharing pictures I’ve taken the road, less traveled. I don’t know if I am the better for it, just that I took it!

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I love your snarkiness Scott…You have made me smile on this trying to be sunny Sunday morning in Thailand…Enjoy your day 🙂 Love the images as well and can see why you won’t edit them it adds to the uniqueness of your memories 🙂

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