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One of the things I enjoy about posting a picture every day for the challenge is taking the pictures. Sometimes, in the dark hour, I awake to start my day, I remember that I don’t have a picture. Sometimes I think ahead and take pictures a day before. It is an adventure every single time. So reviewing the last 12 or so pictures I’ve taken becomes extremely interesting. The last two pictures were taken in the morning, as we prepared for the day. The dogs wander downstairs with me every day. It is their routine, and the last two pictures in this collection are of the dogs waiting for me. The dogs would tell you that they spend far too much time waiting for me. Plus, I need to have treats in my office.

The other pictures range from technology (our refrigerator panel) to stuff around the house. It is funny when I think about the house we are in now. When we first moved in, the house wasn’t crammed full of stuff. But, we only had five people and two dogs when we moved in. Now we have six people and four dogs. Plus we had two of the people continue to grow (both the twins are almost nearly taller than me, now). The only dog constant is Dylan. Fran, the other Labrador passed away the same year as my father. She died in April 2014. It was devastating for my daguther. Fran was her best buddy and protector for many years. Not having Fran around was a hard transition.

The Staycation has been a blast so far. Things are settling down, and we’ve had a chance to have a few fun activities. Our current idea is a tandem bike. We’ve (my wife and me) have talked about getting a Tandem bike for a few years. It is one of those things we keep talking about. Anyone out in the wide world has any thoughts on tandem bikes (please comment if you do!).

PS, my plug – join the photo challenge. 365 days of photos for the world to see!


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