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Wander project the Chicago Children's Museum and Navy Pier!

There was a five-year stretch when we were members of the Indianapolis Childresn’s Musem, so my wife, daughter and the twins went at least once a month or more. We would wander to the Chicago Children’s museum roughly once or twice a year. When the kids were a little older, they spent spring break with me in Columbus Ohio. The twins were old enough that they were able to be ok without mom (Mom was finishing her Masters and needed study time) and their sister, my daughter was old enough to drive.

So the kids went off to the Columbus Ohio zoo and the COSI museum (science and industry). They spent the day there while I worked. We had a blast, plus they got out of Greenwood on their spring break. Funny thing is now that I remember that trip, it snowed in Columbus Ohio the end of March. It was snowing the day the kids when to the Zoo. They were outdoors and froze the entire day. Maybe I had it better, indoors where it was warm.

The one thing the Chicago Children’s museum had that the Indianapolis Children’s museum doesn’t is a bunch of great restaurants right around the facility. The Indianapolis Children’s museum is located on the north side of downtown Indy, and the only place to the ear is the museum cafeteria (which frankly isn’t good). At the Chicago Chilresn’ museum you were a short walk (inside0 to four or five fun restaurants and a slightly longer walk outside to a huge number of great restaurants!


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