Wander project the Bay! Swabbing the deck Matey!

The first picture is of the bushes just outside the bathhouse. The second couple of pictures I took because, well it was the kind of cool thing you don’t often see. A mini-cooper that is also electric. This is the new Countryman Electric Cooper, very cool! I love seeing more and more cars that are plug-in cars! Yesterday was clean the boat day. You have to, from time to time when on a river have the bottom scraped. We did that three weeks ago. This week we needed to clean the top and surfaces of the boat. Salt spray is fun in your face, but it leaves a film on the top of the boat. We cleaned off the film, plus got rid of the spider webs and wiped down the floor (swabbing the deck matey!)It was hot yesterday, although rumor is we are getting cooler air for the next week or so. Not fall cool but more amenable temperatures. I don’t mind boating when it is 90 degrees, the water of the Bay is normally 20 degrees cooler. That means the wind that blows and the air that sits over the Bay water is cooler. You can truly feel the difference the further you away form shore. It takes a few weeks to heat water that is 5 feet deep to uncomfortably warm. I remember that from the pool, the water in the pool wasn’t bath water warm until the end of July. (the pool was opened around US Memorial Day, sometimes a couple of weeks before that). A pool is roughly 20,000 or so gallons of water. The Bay and the Atlantic ocean is probably 100’s of billions of gallons of water.

But yesterday was a start the engines, clean the boat, never leave the dock day. We did get the majority of the film off the boat. My wife also cleaned the leather seats of the boat. We re waterproofed a portion of the boat cover, and of course, we cleaned the windshield of the boat. Finally, I swabbed the upper deck and then the main wooded area of the boat. There is a sense of accomplishment in cleaning the boat that I never got from cleaning the pool. Now if I could only convince myself that I need to clean my office and that there would be a sense of accomplishment in doing that. I am working on that one. For now, I am happy to clean the boat! Not my office, house or well anywhere else. Well I do like a clean car.

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