Wander project Spring 2000 (Greenwood).

We moved from Cincinnati Ohio to Greenwood Indiana in October 1999. The pictures shared today are of our first spring in our new house. We would start building the pool (our big addition to the house) the end of April 2000. These pictures come from March 2000; you can still see the yard heading to the pond, before the pool. We also still had some flowers planted by the previous owners. That would change over the years. We took out the fence you can see attached to the garage in one of the pictures. We dug out the railroad tie garden area that was next to the pond. We also removed several railroad tie planters that were in the yard (2 or 3 of them I think).

Ripping up the railroad ties that were embedded near the pond was a tough project. It took my pal and me two full days. That was before he got married, so he would come up and spend the weekend with us. He introduced my wife and I. My wife would later introduce him to his future wife. But then, he was still single and came to help yank out the railroad ties. My wife and I pulled out the planter boxes. I pulled out the fence by myself. It took me two full weekends, and I ended up having to leave one of the fence posts. There was also a rock porch area by the garage. My daughter and her friends dug up the porch area and threw the rocks all over the years.

Needless to say, I hadn’t planned on digging up that stone area. I wasn’t happy when I found what they had done. Interestingly that was one of the last time she played with that set of kids. Until the pool arrived, then there was a long line of friends that wanted to come over and swim. The Bradford Pear tree in the front yard would only last three more years. Its root system was rotten, it literally fell over (away from the house luckily) during a light wind storm. We ended up digging up most of the flowers that the previous owner had planters around some o the trees. When you buy a house you want to make it your home. It is part of the overall process we go through!


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