Wander project powering past sailboats in Annapolis!

A study of sailboats, when the water is full of waterlogged debris below the surface, sailboats don’t have to worry. They skim the surface, and while they have keels underwater, they are wooden, or fiberglass and the only concern at that point would be hitting amass of wood. Then, the sailboat would have an issue. Other than that they skim along, while powerboats have to go slow. Well, they should go slow. The sailboats in the pictures today come from one of the many schools around the Annapolis Maryland inner, outer and other harbors. The theother harbor is the fact that there are many Annapolis near or adjacent rivers and creeks that have marinas. 

Martinas often equal sailboat schools. Not always, but sometimes. Our favorite time of day is when the Cadets from Annapolis take their little sailboats out. They grab a rope from a tow ship and then head out into the outer harbor of Annapolis. The US Naval Academy is literally in downtown Annapolis MD. Today we were turning away from the Severn River (the Academy is just up the Severn River). Mostly because the news, the marina and the newsletters we had gotten said the worst of the debris was coming down the Severn River.  The sailboats are from the school that is located on the far side of the Annapolis Outer Harbor. Although, technically it is not the outer harbor.

It is by name the outer harbor, but there are containerships anchored offshore, that are being offloaded, that is technically the outer harbor. Baltimore has an inner and outer harbor, but they don’t have container ships that cannot come into the harbor at all anchored awaiting offloading. Baltimore’sinner harbor is much deeper. Annapolis was originally built as a harbor in the days of sailing craft. Not in the days of 300-foot container ships. The bigger ships have drafts of 50 feet or so. That is roughly 35 feet more water required than is available coming into the inner harbor of Annapolis. The actual inner harbor of Annapolis is focused on pleasure craft. Frankly so is the outer harbor of Annapolis. Annapolis not a commercial harbor as much now as it was in the past.


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