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I traveled every week for ten years. But, my traveling life started long before my professional career. I was born near Chicago Illinois. My father went to Bloomington Indiana to finish his Doctoral Degree (and was later hired by the University). We started out moving from our house near Chicago to Graduate Student housing and then a house on the south side of Bloomington. From there, we left Bloomington for Bangkok Thailand. My parents lived in Bloomington until my father passed; my mother lives there now. But today, it is not the story of how many times moving vans came for my stuff. Or pickup trucks with a canvas cover moving my stuff to a new place.

It the piece of you, of me, of anyone that is created by being somewhere and stays with us forever. That piece of us that is created by a location. As a sports fan my teams are all in Chicago (except for my love of one college team, Indiana University). I am a life long Bulls fan, A life long Bears fan, A life long Blackhawks fan, and I bleed Cubbie Blue! I have seen games for all of the teams in person many times. There is a piece of me that is and always will be Chicago sports. There is a piece of me that rejoices each time Indiana University wins. That is a piece of me created in the cities I have lived in.  Certainly, the people we meet also have an impact on what and who we are as well.

People become part of reality. Funny, my wife will watch sports on occasion. None of my children will ever watch sports now. I am alone in my fandom. But they as well have pieces of other places. My wife has lived in Phoenix AZ, Bloomington Indiana and then the two of us together have lived in and around Cincinnati Ohio, Indianapolis Indiana and Washington DC. There are pieces of us, from each of those places. Pieces that change and modify who and what we are. Those memories around us and leaving us reflecting. The reason for this is someone asked me after living in Indiana all those years if I was a Hoosier. I am a Hoosier fan. But I am not a Hoosier I told them. I was born in Chicago.

The pieces of us that are formed by places is interesting.

What pieces do you have?

(all images Bangkok Thailand)

from the IPST Bangkok Thailand

the skyline of Bangkok from IPST

double trouble in Bangkok

skyline Bangkok

skyline Bangkok


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