Wander project out to the Bay!

It isn’t funny its science. When you are at the dock, either docking or preparing to take off to the Bay, it is hot. Yesterday we got to the boat, undid the top and realized we were nearly out of gas. So we pulled out of our slip and wandered over to the fuel dock (which is the other side of the dock from our boat). Standing there, pumping gas for 10 minutes, it was really hot. The hot that just standing and holding a gas nozzle you drip sweat. You didn’t have to move, stand still. It was hot at the dock! Once we got out and were fueled and ready, we wandered out to the Bay. Leaving the dock area, and the fuel dock we wandered out to the Bay. It is a five mph zone until you make it past the buoy markers.

We didn’t drop the ROV into the water yesterday. Frankly, the muddy nature of the Bay makes the ROV experience a little less optimal. We are going to explore the lake that sits in Boyd’s Maryland. First It is a cleaner lake. Second, well it is a cleaner lake. Once we cleaned the speed buoy, the breeze cooled off considerably. The wind, whipping over the water was 10-12 degrees cooler, and it was quite pleasant. There were not as many sailboats as I would have expected. Normally on a day with a good brisk breeze like yesterday, the sailboats would have been all over the Bay. Instead, there were a few heading towards the inner harbor of Annapolis and a few out by the Bay Bridge.

We realized and headed out for our journey. It was fun to watch the traffic on the Bay Bridge. There were a couple of holidays when we were on the wrong side of the bridge heading home. That four-lane bridge across the top of the Bay can take 5 minutes to cross (rarely) on holiday’s like yesterday it can take more than two hours to cross. On the water side, it never takes us more than 4 minutes to pass under the bridge. Although, I suspect that isn’t a fair comparison. The bridge is built so that boats can pass under it easily. It makes it a 40 lane highway versus the four available for cars. Plus most boaters that are around the bridge are anchored and fishing. (or car watching)!


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Written by DocAndersen

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