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I spent a little over a year in NYC on a project. During that time we were in two distinct places, Jersey City most of the time, and downtown Manhattan one to two days a week. The pictures today are from the office location in NYC, looking down over the New York Harbor and of course the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. When my father’s family came from Denmark to America, our family name was Andreesen. When my family left Ellis Island and began the trek towards Wisconsin, our family name was Andersen.  Funny how spelling makes a difference. Had the Ellis Island person helping my long-ago family enter the US, picked Anderson as our last name, I wouldn’t have spent most of my life correcting the spelling of my last name.

(My wife, spent most of her life correcting the spelling of her last name, then decided to take my last name so that she can spend all of her life correcting the spelling of her last name). I am not condemning nor decrying the changes made at Ellis Island; they were swamped with lots of people trying to get into the US, I am glad they let my family in, and can live with the reality of a name change. It was strange to look down upon the Statue. You don’t realize in the pictures because of the height of the building I was in, and distance from the statue just how big the Statue of Liberty is.  The project I was working on started in the fall and went all the way through the next year.

When the kid’s spring break arrived, my wife brought them out to NYC for a week. They spent days sightseeing (yes, my wife voted to go to every art museum in the city. I think they ended up going to 3 art museums total.) We made Newark our base of operations and drove over on a Sunday from Indiana to NYC. I choose Neward as it would be easier for me, and still close to the subway. Newark’s Penn Station is a really easy access Metro and Path station. Jersey City was only a couple of stops away. Now a couple of times I went with the kids and my wife all the way to the Bathtub (where the original World Trade Center used to be). They had a blast exploring NYC while I got to work!


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  1. I have been so busy I have not had time to read many posts. Luckily things are in a quieter period now.
    I love NYC, been a few times, arriving on New Years Day. I recall walking through Central Park from Columbus Circle to Harlem it was minus 5 with an icy cold wind. Loved every frozen step!
    Once I arrived in time for New Year, stood in Times Square from 3pm so we could watch the ball drop at Midnight (never again!)
    One regret, after visiting ‘Ground Zero’ we took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Big security check at Battery Park, shoes and belts off like at an airport. No one was allowed inside the statue, so I never go to climb/stand inside… shame, I may have to go back again… in the summer next time!


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