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Wander project my father's pictures (my father the teacher).

I have talked about my father, the teacher many times. These pictures are from a class he taught in Chiang Mai now ten years ago. Chaing Mai was and is the Northern Capital of Thailand. The Kingdom once now as Siam. It is still known as Siam, but now more of a constitutional Monarchy than it was in the days of Siam. Then the king ruled the entire land. The king of Siam once wrote a letter to the President of the United States, offering to send war Elephants to the president to help his cause (the presidents). Abraham Lincoln replied to the king saying, thanks but no thanks. Thailand is a wonderful country. I now both mom and dad loved being there; they went many times!

When I was traveling, I remember when I finally made it to the top level of United Fliers. I got a letter saying that I could upgrade someone to the Silver level automatically. It helped mom and dad when they were traveling to have that! While dad traveled a lot, it was normally once a year. To move way up into the systems of an airline, you have to travel 100,000 miles a year. It isn’t a badge of honor. Flying a million miles and sadly spending more than a 1000 nights in a hotel, isn’t something to celebrate. We did, once a year spend all the miles and free hotel points on our family vacations. That was the one time of year that all that travel for work, paid back!

Dad was a teacher, and he loved teaching. I had the honor of taking his class one summer. It was a tough class, but you could see his connection as a teacher. I know I was never as good a teacher as my father was. He was amazing. I was a good teacher, but I was not in his category of teachers. When it came to technology, then I was in my world. Funny, I did for a time follow my father into education. I suspect now that was something I needed to do, to honor my father. It wasn’t the best choice for me, but the value of time is you can come to realize the error. I was meant to be a technologist. I just didn’t have that path in my heart until I was ready.


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  1. I wonder what language you were talking about in order to understand. I suppose English. Yesterday again there were photos from Thailand if I remember correctly. You have quite a nice experience there.

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