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Wander project my all time favorite hotels…

I have talked many times about landing in Prague and the sheer amazement of seeing the multi-floor hotel room. I’ve seen/been in multi-floor hotel rooms many times, just a few that were as nicely appointed as the one in Prague. That got me thinking of the most well-appointed hotels I’ve been to around the world. So today’s wander is my all-time favorite hotels. First off, what I need in a hotel is very simple, and I will start with that:

  • Lounge and free breakfast
  • Room with a decent desk and good bed
  • TV and ability to connect my laptop to the tv

Based on that, I also like convi3ence and easy access to where I was supposed to be.  If I am going to be at the hotel for more than a week, it is important that there are decent restaurants close to the hotel. I also like having a nice lounge where you can go and relax outside your room! Over the years I stayed in many countries and many different hotels. I will say that my all-time favorite hotels don’t start in the US.

  1. JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  2. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  3. Marriott Hotel (and Casino) Prague Chechsolovaia
  4. Marriott Hotel Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois
  5. Marriott Hotel the Rio Gaithersburg MD

That list is in order of preference. I’ve been to every hotel on that list at least two times. Some more than two times. Each of the hotels has amazing service, great rooms and overall just a wonderful place to stay. I also have several other hotels that would make my list for family travel. For business travel in places where I didn’t get a car or wanted to avoid massive traffic and congestion, I needed to be close to where I was going first. When we are traveling as a family we are looking for many different things overall, and the list would change.  I spent more than 1000 nights in hotels all around the world; some of them were not worth rating, and some, as the list above shares, were the best places I’ve stayed.

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