Wander project (more of the wedding) Bloomington Indiana!

The venue for the wedding was beautifully decorated. My niece, (what do you call the husband of your niece? ( sister and brother-in-law did a wonderful job. The location also did a great job. The lights were perfect! The tables had enough room that you could walk between them and not risk shins and other body parts in scarping. After about 10 seconds you didn’t even notice the rain falling. You did notice it when the cool breeze (read cold where the word cool is) blew in. The doors were traditional barn doors and didn’t do a significant amount of wind blocking. The service itself was held in the pavilion that was on the other side of the barn.  There is something about getting to hang out with your family that is amazing.

My Uncle, (my mother’s brother), my aunt and my cousins also came for the wedding. That was wonderful to see them and to catch up with them. There was a time when my Aunt and Uncle were people I saw all the time. I spent many summers at my grandparent’s house, and we always wandered up to Marshfield to see my cousins and my Uncle. They lived in Marshfield Wisconsin for many years. They have since moved to split homes. They spent the winters in Arizona and the Summers in Cambridge Wisconsin. My cousins have, like the rest of us, spread out to the world. Funny, once upon a time you were likely to be born, live and then pass to the next existence, within 10 miles. Now, that circle is much larger.

How far apart has your family moved? I know ours is now from sea to shining sea (Washington State to Washington DC). It was wonderful to see everyone and be part of the wonderful day. The wedding location was near where my parents had their farm many years ago. It was also near the other farm that dad used to take me to, to pick up manure for his garden. We mostly went to the stables to get manure (shockingly if you are willing to shovel the manure and haul it away, stables are willing to do that without charging you. The other shocking thing, manure doesn’t smell good. The hotter the day, the nastier the smell) There are more pictures and memories of the wedding to come!


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Written by DocAndersen

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