Wander project Maryland, Thanksgiving 2017 redux…

We ended up thinking we were having a couple of guests, so we got a bigger than needed turkey. The good news is we have tons of leftovers to eat for the next few days. There is something about the turkey that I love. The other fun thing that was special is this was the first holiday we could officially celebrate with my daughter’s finance in attendance. I am thankful for the opportunity to have our family meal with our newest family member.

He had to go to work, however, as he just started a new job working at the airport. So we had to get the food ready by noon. We went around the table as is my wife’s tradition, saying what we were thankful for from each of us. The boys, of course, went for comedic on initial thankful remarks. My daughter and her finance both went for the joy of being with family. My wife and I have spent 27 thanksgivings as a couple, of those 27 we have been physically together for 26.

Our very first Thanksgiving as an engaged couple was the one we spent apart.

We wandered to the Dutch market to get a fresh turkey. It was a good turkey; my wife felt the turkey we got last year (also from the Dutch market) was better. We also broke into our wine collection. Every year people bring us bottles of wine when we have dinner parties. We started the year at 32 bottles; we ended the year at 44 bottles due to the party wine deliveries. Luckily we managed to kill a bottle, so we are down to 43. I think we should probably drink more!

Excuse me, I am starving...


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Written by DocAndersen

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