Wander project Maryland…

The other day I shared some pictures of the inside of our first house in Maryland. That house was in the Kentlands, a planned community in Gaithersburg Maryland. We lived on a road named for the old quarry that was in one corner of the area. The mix of greenways and houses was done in a planned manner. So that people could easily wander back between forest and city. You could walk to the movie theater and dinner, as well as a collection of lakes. Everything planned for people to be able to get away from the bustle of Washington DC.

My daughter and I wandered the park that has the old quarry one day playing with cameras, pictures and just wandering around having fun. We didn’t take the dogs, as there were some deer that lived in the connected greenways. My dog still things deer are dinner, so it is best not to take him when there is a chance of deer. Or squirrels, I do not know what squirrels have done to become the mortal enemy of the laboratory, but they are. Either dog sees a squirrel, and there is an instant reaction, threats, chomping and all the other ways dogs show extreme displeasure with another creature.

I managed to capture quite a few pictures of various things in the park that are good. Not great, but good pictures. I learned many years ago that I don’t take great pictures, and I am happy with the occasional good picture. There are a couple of pictures of the old quarry, that is now a pond and a few of the trees and grounds around the old quarry. The quarry had been abandoned around 100 years before, an interesting historical picture opportunity!


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Written by DocAndersen

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