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Wander project Maine (day 2) on the way to Peak Island

There are two ferries to Peak Island Maine. One is the Car Ferry, and the other is just a plain old people Ferry. They run roughly every 30 minutes all day long. We rode the car ferry to the island. It was fun watching them load the Ferry with cars. Cars go on first, then people. We sat on the top fo the Ferry on the way to the island and took a lot of pictures. One of the pictures was my wife taking my picture. She did that a lot in Maine. Peak Island isn’t very big, and for the most part it is pretty flat. I suspect it was named for a person Peak, rather than named for a Peak. There isn’t a peak on the island. One of the things I noticed was there were roughly five houses for sale on the island.

They all listed generators as part of the sale. As we arrived and they offloaded the cars (Cars first, then people). We walked to the gift shop. I was going to buy a hat. I like to buy caps when I go on vacation. But, there was a sign taped to the front door of the gift shop. Due to the power failure the week before, the getting shop decided to close for the season. I didn’t know gift shops had seasons, but apparently like beaches and balloons there are seasons. The other thing the sign said was that due to the power failure all their ice cream had melted. I spent a little time imagining that mess. Can you imagine what 20 galloons or more of melted ice cream would look like?

We decided rather than rent a golf cart to rout the island that instead we would walk around. We like to walk on vacation. We ended up walking all around the island. Well we didn’t walk around the island. We walked from one end to the other end. We didn’t wander the backside of the island (that faced the ocean). We walked to the Elementary School. The younger kids (k-6) go to school on the island. The older kids (7th and up) go to school in Portland. We did stop by the library. My wife has a library addiction. She loves to go to libraries. On the way we passed the police station. Our primary discussion there at that point did the island have more than one police car.

riding the car ferry to Peak Island!

ok this has to stop

top of the boat (it was a little cold)

pulling out the harbor!

Cars first on Peak Island!

cars then people

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