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I am continuing my sports in the last review. Today, a look at the Fun Run. Every year starting in kindergarten and lasting until we moved away in 5th grade, the kids participated in one-mile spring fun run. Most of the kids didn’t run the full smile, But they did complete a mile, in a combined run/walk. It was part of the president’s fitness challenge, formerly brought to schools by US President John Kennedy in the 1960s. It was a significant event in the spring, and parents came to watch. I won’t spend any more time on the actual run. It wasn’t that exciting. No world records for the mile run were set. Instead, it was a chance for the kids to get outside and exercise.

I know as a former runner that there are always habits we can help kids grow. The two that I think are critical for me are exercise and learning. Life-long learning was a movement in the education world, starting in the 1970s. Many teachers embraced that concept. My father was a huge advocate of the movement. What does it truly mean, though? Well, in part for adults, it is about finding something new and finding something that helps you expand what you know. Sometimes as adults, we focus on what we do all day. I remember, as a professional, I focus heavily on my field. That is why I like reading blogs. I find things that are not something I know about and understand.

I do verify the information presented. It is essential as a life long learner to set rules for the information you consume. The most crucial part is that we learn things. Not that there are specific things to learn but that we learn more than what we do. I know in my field, it is often hard to focus on social issues. The first reaction I have to a social problem is often the impact on what I do. I am working on that just like many others are. It is essential sometimes to let go of what we know and be willing to move forward. That also helps with anger, by the way. Letting go of violence and the things that anger us can help! Lately, my quest in life-long learning is learning about safety products. I know it is odd, but as a learner, I want to know more about the things that make me safe!


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  1. Looks challenging and a lot of fun. I remember I enjoyed going away to summer camp every year and they always had us pretend we were in the Olympics. I was not into sports at all and I suffered through all those spurts, long jumps, and even once I had to jump over a hurdle I was no a happy camper then


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