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Great scanned image of my nephew. Yes, he had anti-gravity powers and used to often play on the ceiling. So the picture isn’t upside down. He was demonstrating his great power. As we go through the pictures, I haven’t shared there are quite a few that were scanned upside down or worse. Based on that I will share them but I am going to make fun of the scanners. They don’t read my blog often so I can get away with it unless my wife tells them!

The images are from my parent’s house in Bloomington, the house we call the Kinser Pike house. Mom and dad lived there for nearly 20 years. Funny how time passes, we were married at mom and dad’s farm (my wife and I). It was the second marriage for both of us, and honestly, both sets of parents were a little nervous. That was, nearly 28 years ago now, so I guess they had nothing to worry about!

We lived in town” when I was in elementary school (My sister and I went to child’s elementary). Then off to Binford middle school and Bloomington High School South. My parents moved out to the farm when I was first out of high school and then left the farm a few years after my wife and I were married there. Kinser pike was the next destination, the north side of Bloomington. The perfect grandparent’s house for a growing young family!

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