Wander project (inside my head) and Annapolis MD

One of the things we had decided to do was wander over to Annapolis as part of our excursion. As we came around the corner, we saw one of the biggest yachts I have ever seen. It was flying the flag of Britania, so it either had crossed the Atlantic from the UK, or its primary harbor was the British Birgin Islands or Burmuda. The scurry about the harbor boat was as big as our boat. The Yacht was too big to fit in the actual inner Harbor of Annapolis; it had to moor on one of the deeper water morning boys outside the harbor. A boat or Yacht like that is the height of Luxury. It made me wonder why they were visiting the State Capital of Maryland (Annapolis). My mind does that sometimes.

I wondered if on that boat there was a British Secret Agengent, potential 007. Bond, James Bond preparing to have a clandestine meeting with the Governor of Maryland. Bon would meet with the Governor just in time to thwart a plot. To stop the evil plan to dam back creek and send the water back towards the rest of Maryland. It is not the cleanest water so the impact would be significant. Bond, of course, would not need the boat tied to the side of the Yacht. He would don a wetsuit over his Tux and swim to shore. Probably, when I think about it, underwater, holding his breath the entire way. The only question one would have is why wasn’t his hair wet as he emerged from the water, removing the wetsuit to reveal the perfect black tux.

But then I realized it probably wasn’t Bond. He, Bond, doesn’t tend to arrive in such a loudly advertised manner. Perhaps instead it was Richard Branson or some wealthy Englishman or Woman, Engouh money that a 10 million dollar or more custom Yacht was something they would have. Although then I struggled with why Annapolis. DC is around the land and more likely a destination. Baltimore, a larger city and again likely a more amenable location for such a large boat. Or it could have been someone that simply wanted to visit Maryland. Wandering up the US coast from Florida to the middle of the Atlantic Seaboard and there suddenly stopping “I want o see Maryland Captain. Dock us in the middle of the middle of Maryland,” the Captain selecting Annapolis as it is roughly the middle of the middle of Maryland. The only people that know the answer to that is on the boat. We didn’t stop and ask as we thought that might be rude.


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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