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The family history project began in earnest in August 2014 or four years ago. The four plastic tubs of slides and the box of pictures, later supplemented by a suitcase full of pictures and later the discovery of another plastic tub of pictures in our attic, was the genesis. I am going to share some pictures over the next few weeks that aren’t scanned properly I’ve held off sharing a lot of them, just because many of them have no specific meaning to me, and in part, because they are sideways, angled and of course upside down.

I learned to love pictures from my father. Before that from both my grandfathers. I remember sitting in the family room of my mother’s father’s house, watching movies. My mother makes fun of the movies sometimes that were made then, a black and white film from the 1940’s. Mom, my uncle, my grandmother going in and out of the house. The moving pictures are telling a story. We digitized all those moving pictures with all the other pictures and all the VCR tapes of moments of the past.

Many of the images have wonderful stories that go with them. Collected memory from family moments. In September we had another moment. The wind blowing, the last vestiges of Hurricane Florence dropping rain on my niece’s wedding. Or more correctly if you are a fan of the movies “Father of the Bride” the wadding. We will all remember that day, more for what happened (a new member of our family) than for what fell (lots and lots of rain).

Each memory cataloged and now slowly but surely shared with the universe!


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