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First, the boat when we are cruising at full speed is not quiet, but it is silent. Silent in that the world around you disappears, it is just the two of us off on an adventure. Sort of how we started our family journey 27 years ago. Just the two of us. In the silence of the noise, you find so much! We love to go out and explore, to see what is possible. Plus we love to look at and marvel at the sailboats. We are going to take sailboat lessons this year. There are many ways other than riding around on a sailboat or a powerboat, however to enjoy a Sunday near the Chesapeake Bay. You can kayak, wandering around the near Bay river water in a Kayak. Or even a canoe, you can push out into the river and wander.

Or a Paddleboard with your dog. I posted this as my 180th picture of the photo challenge. I am nearing half way to the challenge (3 days more and I am ½ way). Part of that was talking about why I could never take my dog Dylan out on a Paddle Board. Mostly because Dylan would think it was hilarious to dump me into the water. Looking at me as we arrived back at the dock to try again. Tipping his head to one side as he loves to do with his soft brown eyes, saying sorry elt’s try again. Then dumping me into the water again, same thing. I know, because he is fond of tricks that I would fall for this at least twice. Perhaps adding, in his mind, to just how stupid humans can be.

Sunday on the Bay is relaxing. I didn’t even mind listening to SiriusXM’s coffee house channel, well I didn’t mind until I couldn’t take the coffee house songs anymore. Sometimes they play songs on that channel that I wonder, why? My wife adores that channel, I think, like Dylan in part because it annoys me after awhile. Not as much s the BeeGees bother her though. Can we change it is the first words she says when the Brother’s Gibb come on the seventies or eighties on SiriusXM? Funny how over the years your musical tastes evolve. My wife used to love heavier metal, but now being in the car all day for work, she has moved more towards talk radio and coffeehouse music. Me, I am still a Neil Young fan. Since I first heard Buffalo Springfield, and then Neil Young and Crazy Horse, he has been my favorite.

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