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Our second trip to Hawaii was with my mom, sisters, nieces, nephew, brothers-in-law. We spent the first part of the trip on the Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaiian Island too. You stop at 7 of the Hawaiian Island Chain Island. That includes the big island, Maui, Oahu, and others. The trip was in honor of my father who passed away in 2014. The trip began for all of us as a plane flight. My nephew (from Washington State) and us (Maryland) were the only ones lucky enough to get a direct flight. Everyone else had stops along the way. From DC to Hawaii the flight was nearly 9 hours. The good news in that was that we got to watch movies that we didn’t have a chance to see in the theaters.

(Chappie, was one of the movies if you are into Science Fiction movies, I highly recommend the movie).

We flew out and back on United. United is the airline I have over 1 million miles flown on, that equates to lifetime status. My wife told me the minute I pointed to my name on the upgrade board that if I got upgraded, she was taking ½ the first class seat. That didn’t feel fair to me. But, oh well what can you do in that type of situation? Knowing my wife, she would have taken that seat. I didn’t get upgraded either way, which worked out well. We left DC early in the morning in Augusts 2014. It was already 80 degrees and oppressively hot when we arrived at the airport. We parked our van in the long term lot and slipped our suitcases to the terminal.

We were already hot when we got on the plane.

It was hot when we got to Honolulu.

Due to the reality of us not having to connect, we arrived in Honolulu about 50 minutes before the rest of the family. The luggage area of the Honolulu airport is not air conditioned, so we were used to the heat by the rest of the folks arrived.  We had a night in Honolulu before we would board the ship so it was off to the hotel for a relaxing dinner and a walk along the famous Waikiki beach!


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