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Wander project Halloween and phones of the past!

The end of August brings thoughts of the nearing end of summer. The end of boating season. The end of hot. The return of American Football. My love of America Football began when I was little. I watched a game when I was 4 or 5 years old. We were in Wisconsin at my grandfather’s house; I was sitting on the Davenport (my grandmother never called it a couch) with my Uncle and my grandfather. I asked my grandfather which of the two teams we were for (it was the Lions and the Bears on Thanksgiving day). My grandfather said, “you’re a Bears fan.” I have been one ever since. I got to see Gayle Series run the ball for the bears in the 1960’s.

I also got to root for the greatest player to ever play American Football, Walter Payton. As good a person as he was a football player. I am still a Bears fan to this day! The rest of the fall brings apples, pumpkins, new iPhones and of course Halloween. My wife loves to dress up on Haloween. She was, for many years an actress. She doesn’t have time any longer but still has the bug on Halloween. I have some photos of her in costume. I other the other hand tend to go as an IT guy on Halloween. Which the other 364 days of the year is also the costume I wear, IT guy. I don’t very far from that costume. Sometimes, I got as an overdressed suit wearing IT guy.

Not often, but sometimes for the suit thing.

The kids often had costumes made by my mother. The wonderful part of those is they could wear them more than simply Halloween. The store purchased costumes often only lasted as long as the Trick or Treating. Funny the things that you remember when you begin to look backward at the things that were. I remember nearly five years in a row which my new phone was arriving on Halloween night. I was back in the PPC phone days and got a new phone every year. Features changed rapidly then, and you needed that new phone.  Ok, need is not the word that fits, wanted is a better word! The last few pictures were the right before they took off, I stayed home and managed the dogs. Fran used to greet every kid that came to the door. Gwen had to be kept away from the door; she barked at everyone.


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Another memory lane walk. Isn’t it great to see photos and remember the moment it happened.
    So cool your wife was an actress. Very impressive. She should always dress up for Halloween and any other day she wants!


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