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Wander project Greenwood IN…

The transitions are always the interesting thing. For many years I worked for one company, and we moved once during that time. We almost moved a second time. We flirted with a move to Chicago for almost six months. We were at that time looking to reduce traveling for me. More than ½ my travel for many years was from Indianapolis to Chicago Illinois. Later that would change to more global travel, then it no longer mattered where we lived.

It is funny how you remember houses in your life. As a parent, I remember where we were living based on the child that was around at that time. Funny how that changes your memories of a place and time in your life. You begin to see through the veil of dad or mom. You forget that you most likely picked the house yourself. You were looking for the things that were convenient for you as you considered the places to live. But effectively you modify the house to fit your life.

We added play yards in three houses. The first play yard my friend and I built. The next one we had built by a company, and the third one was built by a company. I would say 80% of the reason for professionals had to do with the permanent slope of the first play yard we built. It listed about 8% from the right side to the left side. I tried to convince myself at first that it was the uneven ground we built it on, but the reality is that in fact, it was the quality of the artistry. We built it as a leaning play yard of Cincinnati! It was an architectural masterpiece!


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